Virtual Postpartum Support: What does it look like?


Kathrin Auger has worked in the childbearing field since 1993. She is a retired NICU RN and has worked as a postpartum doula for the past 18 years. Since 2007 Kathrin Auger has been training postpartum doulas through DONA Int’.

With the current situation there is a big concern for doulas and how they can support their clients at home and in the hospital. What help are your clients getting once they’re home with their newborn? Kathrin Auger actively works as a postpartum doula and will share in the 1 hr webinar how you can support your clients virtually in the postpartum period.

While pregnant people are currently giving birth without their most immediate support system in place, we expect there to be more trauma happening. How are you clients recovering from that? How are you as a birth doula making your postpartum visit?

Let’s talk about what virtual postpartum support looks like and how your clients can get the help they need; now more than ever.

Virtual Postpartum Support: What Does it Look Like?

Fee: $10