What A Birth Doula Trainer Says About Kathrin Auger:

“I have found Kathrin to be a very gifted teacher. She is well-poised, confident, delivers the material with great clarity, and quite obviously enjoys teaching. She has always received outstanding evaluations from the workshop participants.”

What Clients Say About Kathrin Auger:

“Having Kathrin at the birth of our daughter was a gift I will never forget. Her calming spirit, healing touch, beautiful eyes and sweetest voice that uttered all the prefect works. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We adore Kathrin and are forever grateful of her kindness, her knowledge and her friendship.”

“The best part of our experience with Kathrin was that she empowered my husband and I to fell confident in our new role as parents. She made what could have been a difficult time in our lives extremely enjoyable. After a long day of caring for the baby, Kathrin would show up and answer any questions or concerns that we had, give us tips to solve the little problems that came up and above all was so positive and fun that we couldn’t help but feel like the luckiest people in the world.”

“Kathrin’s demeanor is pleasant, reassuring, helpful, and supportive. I wondered if having a doula would hinder my husband’s participation and role during the birth, however her services complimented our birth goals and we found her exceptionally supportive. My husband has said on multiple occasions how he could not have made it through without her support, confidence and medical explanations that she provided us. Overall, Kathrin was the perfect fit for us. She is highly compassionate, professional, and knowledgeable.”

“What’s wonderful about Kathrin, is that she very much wants to help you create your own parenting style based on your beliefs. If you ask for advice, she will give it; but if you have certain ideas that are important to you, she will help you incorporate them. In other words, she won’t push a philosophy down your throat, she’ll help you discover what’s right for you. I simply cannot recommend Kathrin highly enough. She has impeccable medical training, she is intuitive and caring, but most of all she a lovely, lovely human being.”

“Thank you very much for taking care of us when we came home from the hospital. My husband said it was the best thing we did the best bang for a buck, money well spent”

What Trainees Say About Kathrin Auger:

“Your passion for your work really came forth and helped me to more fully understand the sacred work of the doula. This has been a wonderful weekend. Thank you for being such an amazing mentor to all of us.”

“What a wonderful workshop! Thank you so much for all your encouragement and knowledge that you so willingly shared with us.”

“You are truly inspirational!”

“Kathrin has given me the confidence and knowledge to go out and provide a caring and nurturing service to women who need it most.”

“Unforgettable. Invaluable. Inspirational.”

“You are an amazing doula and trainer. I am thrilled about my new ‘calling’ and feel having you at my side is providing me with the good start I need. Thank you for modeling, nurturing me, and encouraging all the new doulas – you are a gift.”

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