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DONA International Approved Postpartum Doula Workshop  

Kathrin Auger offers Postpartum Doula Workshops several times a year as one step in the process toward certification as a Postpartum Doula by DONA International. The workshop is experiential and interactive, offering participants a broad-based learning experience. Participants learn in an environment that fosters self-growth while providing both didactic and hands-on experience.


During the workshop participants will gain in-depth knowledge about the role of a doula during the postpartum period as well as a personal understanding of the emotions and spiritual nature of birth and life with a newborn.


Kathrin Auger brings to her teaching a love of pregnancy, birth, women and babies and a belief in the innate ability of each woman to birth and parent in her own unique way. At the same time, she respects a new mother's level of comfort and knowledge. It is her desire to foster this same belief and respect in workshop participants.


If you share these beliefs and would like to work with women and their families to help them more fully enjoy the early weeks with their new baby, you may want to consider becoming a postpartum doula, providing physical, emotional,and informational support to the family just after childbirth.


About the Workshop

This three-day course offers a balanced approach to professional postpartum support combining lectures, texts, supplementary literature, videos, role-play, and hands-on practice. Attendance of this course constitutes one step toward becoming a DONA International certified doula.


This course can offer the beginning of a new career as a postpartum doula or compliment your current one. It will give you all the confidence and training you need to work in this rewarding career.


Postpartum care is now the most requested part of a doula's business. The need for trained and certified postpartum doulas is overwhelming.


The Course Curriculum will Consist of:

  • Understanding the role of the postpartum doula.
  • How pregnancy and birth influence the postpartum period.
  • The importance of bonding.
  • The physical care and emotional and spiritual aspects of the newborn and mother.
  • Understanding newborn characteristics and infant care.
  • The dynamics of family and friends after birth.
  • Differentiating ”Baby Blues” from Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder.
  • Dealing with loss and grief.
  • Household management.
  • Breastfeeding
  • DONA International
  • Communication Skills
  • Business aspects of the postpartum doula practice. (contract, invoices, etc.)